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Autumn Scene
Produce Stand

This scene results from two things -
memories of stopping by such stands in the North Carolina mountains,
and the 2012 annual swap in the Half Scale online group.

I built the two stands using one inch scale instructions (one of them metric!).
The tree, bench and trash can with leaves were all items from the swap.

On the left is a general produce stand. I made most of the vegetables on the stand, using a few things like bananas I already had. On the little table at far left (a gift in the swap) is a basket of apples plus a jug of cider with cups to try a taste. Below the table is an adorable little chicken holding a sign urging people to eat beef, that was also a gift. Another basket of apples received in the swap is also on hand.

Here's an even closer view of the produce stand.
The rocks on the ground are railroad rock debris.

At the other side of the scene is a smaller stand that holds apples, cider, honey, jelly, cornucopias and birdhouses. The jellies, cornucopias, birdhouses, flower arrangement and other bottles were items in the swap, as were the basket of firewood and the scarecrow.

I could not find anything ready to use that would work as cider jugs. So I experimented with poly clay, making a small cylinder of gold which I wrapped in a thin layer of translucent. I added a thin red cap and a handle, then baked. It worked out very well!

The Half Scale group is a Yahoo group, and if you like working in half inch scale, you are welcome to join us. Then next year you too can be the recipient of such marvelous little things! Sign-up will be in the fall, so don't delay! Go to for more information.


For any questions about what I used in this project, you may email me at minimanor@