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New Orleans Camelback

This was the largest house that Keith Long taught, in fact we built it
in two pieces so we could transport it home!

No one knows exactly how the camelback style developed, but you see quite a few in New Orleans, and many people convert single shotguns into camelbacks for extra room. It is essentially a shotgun style house with a second story on the back section only.

These pictures show the house before furnshing

The front room is a parlor

Next comes the family room, which is awaiting a new sofa,
but does have the TV in place over the fireplace!

Downstairs hallway
I plan to add a half bath under the stairs (eventually)

The kitchen still doesn't have its upper cabinets, but I did make the lower ones as well as the French door fridge. Many of the items on counters and shelves came from the annual swap at Half Scale Digest.

The upstairs hall has a Munch Four Seasons screen that I made

First Bedroom, complete with cat bed and scratching post

Master Bedroom has flocked wallpaper

I lived in New Orleans for five years, and our house was a camelback.
Downstairs we had a living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms and a utility room plus two full baths. Upstairs had two bedrooms and a bath.
This house no longer exists as a hospital is being built there.