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This elegant European-styled chocolate shop was the project at the
2012 Lakeland Fun Day in Lakeland, Florida.
The project was designed by Pat Gazie and Ron Mummert.
It is a shop devoted to all things chocolate!

Here is the entrance to the shop.

Two large windows full of chocolate goodies tempt patrons inside

Many of the item in the windows were gifts from the Lakeland Miniature Guild, or received as swap gifts at the Fun Day.

The interior of the shop is done in gold and marble,
and features a horseshoe-shaped counter filled with tempting candy.

In the rounded corner is a gold table with fancy chocolates,
backed by a glittery gold mirror and a crystal chandelier.

Assorted decorated candies that I made.

The large platter of candies was made by Pam Stoldt.

Fancy chocolates are on the top shelf, while French macarons are on the bottom. All of the candy I made and the macarons were influenced by a real life chocolate shop located near me, which I visit as often as possible!