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An English Country Kitchen

Many years ago, I bought an instruction booklet on how to build and furnish an English Country Kitchen. Although I loved the project and wanted to make it, it was beyond my skills at that time. Back then I did build a four story half timbered English dollhouse though, and furnished it with the best I could get. In a short time I discovered that the rooms in the house were not large enough to do up the way I really wanted, so I took everything out of the house, including the windows, doors and lights, and put the house out on the curb, where it was immediately picked up by a woman (who I hope has enjoyed it since). The furnishings I removed remained packed up for many, many years.

This year, 2013, my club decided to have Unfinished Objects as their project. Among my many UFOs was that old booklet on the country kitchen, and I remembered all those boxes of miniatures that were packed up. When I went through the boxes, I discovered all sorts of wonderful things that I had completely forgotten I owned - it was almost like going to a miniature show after winning the lottery! Many items were made by people who are no longer around or who no longer make minis.

So I decide it was time to make some room boxes, and the first would be that English Country Kitchen. I already had just about all the furniture the booklet called for plus the accessories.

At the left side of the kitchen is a stove inside a fireplace, made from a kit by Valerie Casson, back when she did the Brown Bag Kits. Hanging on the front are her horse brasses. To the right is a Hoosier cabinet that I made as In A Miniature Manor. The border collie is by Gail Morey, the high chair by Warren Dick. Flower arrangement in back by Clara's Cuties.

In the center of the room is a large table by Warren Dick with Windsor chairs by Ron Hammond.

Against the right wall is a Welsh dresser made by me as In A Miniature Manor. The sink was made from a Valerie Casson kit and the cup rack above it from a Flight of Fancy kit.

By the door is a shopping cart by Sondra Knight and a pair of muddy boots by Valerie Casson.

Just outside the Dutch door is a little flower bed with flowers from Clara's Cuties and a porcelain watering can by Diane Burger. The shallow back yard features a fence with a moon gate that is overhung with flowers, and a metal planter by Masch Miniatures holding geraniums by Ginger Peebles, which you can just see in the picture below.

The Mrs. is on her way out shopping, but stops to tell her husband what he should do while she's out. He's planning to finish his breakfast first!
Woman doll by Elizabeth Staryk, man by Heritage Dolls of London.
The plate on the windowsill is by Lynne McVay.

On the table is a goose being plucked and a leg of lamb to cut into chops.
A lovely trifle will be their dessert tonight!

Back on the wide windowsill is an innocent looking cat by Valerie Casson,
with his eye on a box of trout by Pride of Plaice!