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Craftsman Style Dining Room

I made most of the furniture in this room some years back, but never had a good place to use it. Then in 2011 a member of my mini club retired to assisted living and her daughter sold or gave away all the things her mother didn't take with her, mostly supplies and unfinished items. I was lucky enough to recognize this box as being one of the originals from the old
Gulf South Dollhouse & Miniature Event, and I snatched it up. A little alteration to the original arched opening gave me more of a 1930s look.

Some Brodnax Art Deco wallpaper set the tone. I used a photo of Paris behind the false window for atmosphere, and made my own tile floor.

I already had the table, chairs, sideboard and etagere.
I found a picture of an Arts & Crafts china cabinet online and made myself a 1" scale version of it. Inside is a tea set by Rachel Mundy and a series of plates I painted in the Clarice Cliff style.

A couple of old earrings became wall sconces. The other decorative items I either had or soon found at shows. I made the frames to fit period artwork from a catalogue.