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The Creole Cottage

The Creole Cottage is a house style often seen in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It is basically a four room house whose doors open right onto the city sidewalk (called a banquette in New Orleans). Behind the four main rooms are two "cabinet" rooms and an open area called a logia. Many Creole cottages have rooms on the second floor too, used for children.

One way to easily tell a Creole Cottage from a Shotgun Cottage is the roof -
the gable of the Creole Cottage is on the side of the house,
the gable of a shotgun faces the street.

Back of house with open logia in center.

My story for this house is that it is the home of the mistress of a wealthy man. She lives there with her mother and children.

Here is the parlor where she receives her gentleman.

The dining room is not yet fully furnished.

The front bedroom serves the lady of the house.

This is her mother's room.

Upstairs is a playroom/schoolroom for the children on one side,
the children's bedroom on the other side is not yet furnished.

Note that there are NO hallways connecting the rooms!