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The Druid's Tower

This project was made in a special class taught by Rik Pierce and sponsored by NAME. It was held at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas.

The interior and exterior walls and the roof tiles are all made from Creative Paper Clay. The fireplace and the two windows were cast in resin by Rik and painted in the class. The floor is wood.

Since I already had a room for Merlin, I decided to make this into a druid's tower room. All of the wood furniture in the room was made by Michael Mortimer of England. The Wise Woman doll was made by Blackfoot Daisy.

The stand with the crystal ball in the center of the room was made from a jewelry box I found in a as Vegas shop. The chest you see by the large chair was another shop find - it is made from camel bone. The hanging lamp is a novelty also found in Las Vegas.

Several other items were also Las Vegas souvenirs - the "dragon's skull" on the windowsill, the dragon on the wall, and the glass "jars" on the mantel, which are really glass beads from Italy!

Exterior of window.

I plan to add a lit fire in the fireplace, two lit wall torches,
and, of course, the Druid.