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Happy Halloween!

In 2012, I finally got around to making a half inch scale Halloween Scene.
I had been planning to do one for many years, and when I got out all
of the Halloween items I had collected over the years, I found
that I had enough to make SEVERAL scenes!

This scene was inspired by something Jane Coffey did years ago,
except that I used an actual costume witch's hat for the witch's cave.
Come on in - if you dare!

Wooden stepping stones will lead you through the pumpkin patch -
but don't worry, it's a good witch who lives here!


Inside, this lovely witch (made from a Laurie Sisson kit) is brewing up something in her cauldron.

But when the lights go out, the skulls on the wall start to glow.

Meanwhile, outside the cave you'll spot three other witches working on a spell under an autumn tree, while assorted ghosts hover about.

A haunted tree sits just outside the cave. Can you spot the watchful owl?

Behind the tree rides a headless horseman, endlessly searching for his head.

At the back of the scene is a cemetery. One grave seems to be a little active.

Assorted ghosts guard the pumpkin patch. No great pumpkin here!

The stacked pumpkins seen above and the trick or treat bags around the hat are all lit by batteries, as are the skulls inside the cave. Look at the second picture again.

Hope your visit didn't spook you too badly!