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Wisteria & Lace Antiques

This project is the result of a wonderful fun day
held just outside Mobile, Alabama in 2009.

We built a shallow shop with a porch, then turned it into whatever kind of shop we envisioned. Many did antique or second hand shops with an old southern feeling, as did I.

On the left side of the porch is a rocker by Jack Chasteen,
about to be occupied by a cat (possibly by Sue Veeder)
There is a gazing globe in the ginger plants below.

The right side of the porch has another Chasteen rocker
along with a dough bowl from Precious Little Things.

The building is light inside, so you can look in to see the antiques.
The corner cabinet is by In A Miniature Manor;
various artists made the china.

You can just see the interior doorway, where a photo shows
that the store continues within.

More porcelain sits in the window and on a handpainted hutch
by In A Miniature Manor, whose desk is also inside.