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Nevada City Craftsman Bungalow

I originally built this house in a Debbie Young workshop in 1998. Debbie based it on an actual house in Nevada City, California, but it always reminded me of a house I used to see when visiting the North Carolina mountains.

Here's how the house looked when I finally decided to finish it in 2012:

Back in 1998, I had not only built the house, but completly wired and wallpapered it. Then it sat in a box with all the furniture, kits and accessories I had bought for it, thought many years and two house moves. Now, it's completed!

Since it reminded me of a house in the mountains, I made a hilly base for it to sit on. It has a high foundation in the front, but sits on the ground in the back.

It's a long climb up those stairs, but quite worth the visit.

Once up on the porch, you'll meet the owners and their friendly dog. Then you might want to take a tour around the house.

The right side of the property is a steep climb to an arbor. The wrap around porch offers several separate sitting areas.

The back yard has a sandbox and seesaw for the kids, and a toolshed for the gardening supplies.

On the left side of the house is another steep hill back down to the front yard.
Now let's see inside!

The comfortable living room features a leather sofa and chair, along with a lovely desk by Sue Holtge.

The large dining room has furniture made from a Debbie Young kit, plus a wine cabinet from BJ Minis and a desert cart made by Rose Stout. (The adirondack chair in the front is on the porch.)

Upstairs, the girl's room features a trundle bed from another Debbie Young kit, along with other furniture and toys.

The boy's room next door has bunk beds, a dresser, desk and corner hutch, all from a Debbie Young kit, plus an assortment of toys and a unique lighthouse lamp.

Back downstairs and around back, we visit the sunny kitchen. Be sure to pet the cat!
Stove, fridge, sink, table and chairs from a Debbie Young kit. Other cabinet by In A Miniature Manor.
Butcher block by BJ Minis, and cat by Barbara Myers.

Technology reigns even in a mountain house! Computer set and furniture from a Debbie Young kit.
At the right, the kids enjoy pizza while watching TV.

Above the kitchen is the master bedroom. Furniture by In A Miniature Manor
except secretary desk by BJ Minis.

The bathroom completes the upstairs. Made from a Debbie Young kit, with various accessories added.

Hope you've enjoyed your visit!