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The Louisiana Raised Cottage

This house was built in another Keith Long workshop at GSMADE.

Again it was built using real construction methods, and was modeled after
Keith's own house at that time in Baton Rouge, LA.

The main floor has a parlor, hallway with stained glass door, and a family room.
Top floor has the master bedroom, hall, luxury bathroom and a girl's room.
Lowest level contains the kitchen, hall and dining room.

This shows the interior of the house with some walls and the lights in place. during construction. The wiring runs inside the walls just as in real life!

L-R Above: Parlor, Main Hallway, Family Room
Note the elaborate ceilings!

Master bedroom on left, girl's room on right

A short hall leads to the luxury bathroom. The bathroom had to be completed before the wall separating it from the hall could be put in.

Two views of the large kitchen, which also contains the laundry.
Note all lower level floors are brick just in case of a flood!

It might seem strange to have an elaborate dining room on the bottom level of the house, but I actually saw this in an old Louisiana plantation house. Proximity to the kitchen!


If you have questions on how anything was done or what was used,
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