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New Orleans Shotgun House

This Greek Revival style house was the first half inch scale house I built in a workshop taught by Keith and Margaret Long at
the Gulf South Miniature & Dollhouse Event.

Keith's unusual method of building miniature houses is to build them almost
as in life-size, using joists, rafters, studs, headers and sills.
Walls, ceilings and floors are thin wood,
making Keith's houses extremely lightweight.
You learn a lot about construction too!

This house has a living room, bedroom and kitchen.
I added a fully landscaped yard.
The setting is modern, as if the owners had renovated an old house.
I was very influenced that year by a visit to the Algiers section of New Orleans across the river.

BTW, a "shotgun" house is so-called because in theory you could fire a gun in the front door and the bullets would go right out the back door. However, this is not always true. The doors are usually all lined up and there are no hallways.

Closer view of the front porch

The living room contains a Hallmark rocking horse
with the year I made the house on it.

The bedroom is furnished mainly with furniture I made and hand painted.
There is also a wicker lounge by Sondra Knight.

Typical small shotgun kitchen at the back of the house, requiring going through the bedroom to get there. I made the cabinets and table and chair set.
The refrigerator is a magnet.

The backyard has a nice patio, some banana trees and room for
the owner to do some gardening.