Kitchen In A Book Vignette

At North Carolina State Day in April, 2003,
the theme was "What's Cooking?"

We constructed the "cookbook" from fome-core,
using wallpaper for the "pages."
Everyone supplied their own paper and flooring
for the inside, depending on their own particular scheme.
The State Day committee supplied us with an
actual book cover to go on the outside,
along with a label with the theme, event and date.

I decided to make my vignette a gourmet baking center -
NOT something I do at home!!

I used Houseworks kitchen cabinet kits.
The floor, counter, backsplash, window and table are all made from
Old World Tile kits, which I just happened to manufacture at the time.

The wallpaper was a pattern new to me,
with little roosters, teapots, recipe boxes and other kitchen items.
The totebag from state day just happened to have
several other chicken items such as the rug and a hot pad,
so the chicken backsplash and table were natural choices.

Here's the left side. I already had the bread box.
All of the other items were either totebag favors or table gifts.

I left one drawer and one cabinet partly open to show what's inside.

On the table are biscuits in progress. One egg has slipped to the floor!