Half inch scale (1:24) is my favorite scale to work in,
so there are a LOT of projects here!

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NEW! Halloween Scene

Autumn Scene - Produce Stand

The New Orleans Series

I attended the Gulf South Miniature & Dollhouse Event in New Orleans for many years. For several of those years I took a classes with Keith Long, who taught how to build half inch scale houses using the stick-built method similar to how life sized houses are constructed. The houses we built are all various styles of historic house that can be found in and around New Orleans.
There is still one more to come!

New Orleans Shotgun House

The Louisiana Raised Cottage

Creole Cottage

French Quarter Dependency

New Orleans Camelback

A Florida Bungalow

I moved to Florida in 2010. A group of my friends there formed a group to work on half inch scale miniatures. I wanted us to all do a large project, and my husband suggested an old Florida bungalow. There was a vacant house up the street from me that was just the right size, so I hurried to get some measurements before someone moved in.
And I put the knowledge I gained from Keith Long to work!

For your convenience, I have made two separate pages.
If you click on the left picture, you will see
how the house was built from the ground up.
If you click on the right picture, you will see
only pictures of the completed house.

Construction ----------------------------- Finished House

Miscellaneous Half Inch Projects

Crystal Garden --- The Conservatory

The Library --- The Hermitage

Travel Trailer ---- The Mountain Cabin

The Lighthouse ---Playing Dress-Up